Most important research paper sections

Despite the fact that they are challenging to grade and that so many students complain incessantly about writing them, instructors continue to assign research papers. Every student in high school and college will receive at least one research paper, but since they are assigned on an infrequent basis, most students never completely learn how to write them. When it comes to writing, practice makes writers better. Since research papers are only usually written once a year, if that, students rarely have the option to perfect this style of writing. Students need to know that there are some important sections that must be included in every research paper.

These are the important sections:

Works Cited Page:This is one of the last sections of a research paper, but it is what separates a research paper from any other paper style. Whether the section is called a works cited page or a bibliography, this is the section where you share the sources that you used to create your paper. Without this section, you are technically plagiarizing, since you are not giving any credit to the sources of information that you used. Your entries are vital to your success and you should follow all of the formatting rules when you create this page. Many students lose points here because they miss parts of the entries.

Introduction: The introduction is important, but not for the same reasons that the works cited section is important. The introduction is important because it is the spot where you work hard to get the reader’s attention. This could make or break your research paper. It is the one section of your paper where you can be a bit creative, allowing you to show your personality while getting th reader’s attention.

Body Paragraphs: Like all essays, this section is important because you will show your knowledge of the subject. This is where you get to support your position and show what you have learned from your research. It might not be the most exciting part of your paper, but it certainly should be informative so that your argument is fully developed. It is very important that you properly cite your information so that you are not found to be plagiarizing. Everything that you cite in your body paragraphs should be cross-referenced with the sources that are listed in the works cited page. Precision is key in this section and in the works cited section, too.

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