Interesting Macroeconomics Research Paper Topics

Macroeconomics is the science of economics and trying to predict how certain outcomes in economic issues will affect society. This is not an exact science, though, so writing interesting papers with solid facts can be an issue. You have to rely heavily on experts and what they have to say about the subject of economics, and that can be ever changing. It can also be hard to find a topic that is interesting, relevant, and has enough information that you can access. If you are struggling to find a good topic for your macroeconomics paper, check out some of these.

The loosening of credit standards

The financial industries have loosened their credit standards and are allowing almost anyone to get a loan for anything. This was seen in 2005 and it had a devastating effect on the economy, but will this time be different? You can discuss how the standards are changing and what experts say will be ultimate effect on American households.

Foreign trade

Is foreign trade getting better or worse? This is a broad subject, so you may want to narrow it down to countries like China, Mexico, or Canada and discuss how trade between America and one of those countries effects America's overall economy, or you could compare the trade standards between two countries. Comparing how America does business with Canada and Mexico could be a very enlightening topic.

The housing crisis

In 2007 the American economy went into a great housing crisis, but is it rebounding? Discuss what regions were hit the least, the hardest, and which are recovering the fastest and slowest. You can also list reasons it happened and discuss how the government is trying to make sure it doesn't happen again.

The push for frugality

Many households are tightening their belts even as economists say we're out of the recession. Why is this and what impact will it have on businesses? The push to be frugal and save money is a huge trend, but is it actually saving people money and helping the general economic welfare of everyone?

Macroeconomics is an interesting science, even if it isn't an exact science. It can be a great way to tell people about impending economic issues and help ward off future economic crisis. If you are studying the subject just about any topic you choose will be hard to research with facts, but you can make a compelling case with an interesting topic.

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