Creating Research Papers: Getting ready with Data

How to start writing a research paper:

While writing a research paper the first thing that should be kept in mind is the timetable. A proper timetable reminds you to work slowly but regularly.

The steps which are followed when writing a research paper are:

  1. Make a sketch out.
  2. After making timetable of the work the next step is to make a decision how to setting up a research paper. The most preferred way is to start by making an outline. The sketch will not follow any proper structure. It will just to keep in mind the important points on which you are going to perform your research. Take account of the statistics, charts, methods, and catalog of the conclusions. It will be considered as the initial stage of your research. The outline will get detail as the work is carried on.

    Questions in the outline:

      The outline of the research paper involves following questions:

    1. What is the topic on which I am going to do research?
    2. Why I have chosen this topic?
    3. Why the topic of my research paper is important enough to be researched upon?
    4. What are the results and conclusions of my research paper?
  3. Circumstance and formation:
  4. The second step of writing the research paper is to insert circumstance and formation of data. Now the data is assembled into different segments like forward, ways, conclusions and conversation. The data is now in refined compact form easily understandable.

  5. Extending the outline:
  6. The step that comes is the extended form of outline. The outline gets extension by conversation with other researchers, educationists and other people. By feedbacks and replies to your research you get a proper direction of your work. You get a track on which you have to forward your research. Sketching of the data is the most convenient way to arrange your data and carry on the research. By making outline you can easily introduce your idea to your instructor and swap your views with other researchers.

  7. Continue the research outline and sketching:
  8. When you feel that you have got a certain variety of views and replies on your research outline, now it is the time to continue your work. From here the research in true meanings starts. The outline or the sketch that you have made for your research is to be saved in a separate file. Take each point of the outline and try to extend or enlarge it, add more and more data to each point so that it may get detailed. You are not supposed to be waste your time on making strong sentences by choosing difficult words. Keep the writing simple and after doing the whole research, do editing and formatting in the last. It would be wastage of time otherwise.

  9. Body of the research paper:
  10. This section of the research paper requires writing the whole body of the paper. It includes the forward or the introduction of the topic. It also involves the methods and ways of writing a research paper. In fact it contains the data and material of the research.

  11. Results and conclusion of the research paper:
  12. This is probably the last section of the research paper which involves the results and findings of the research paper. Results section is also divided in small sections that each section depicts or gives the explanation of every statement written. The readers are mostly interested in the result section of the research paper.

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