Helpful Research Paper Summary Ideas

It always helps to have a good definition of the key word in your writing activity. In this case we are talking about the summary of your research paper. We are talking about some good ideas you can incorporate in this summary. But getting back to our point of the definition, what is a summary?

Well it comes about after you have read the entire research paper and then you state the main points made in that paper. You do so in as few words as possible. Don't make the mistake of re-writing a research paper in the summary. It is a synopsis. It is a potted version of what has gone before. And don't forget that you are stating facts. The summary is not an argument; it is not you putting forward a case for the points in the research paper. You need to be objective.

Here are some helpful ideas in creating your research paper summary.

  • go through the research paper and highlight the main points
  • what is the key word in each of the main points
  • stick to between one and three paragraphs

Unless you have a clear understanding of the main points and all of the main points, then your summary will be lacking. To make your summary clear and concise, be able to define each main point in a single short sentence. Treat it like an advertising slogan. Being able to distinguish between each of the main points is also very important. If you muddy the waters by combining main points you weaken your summary.

Key words are very important. Being able to create a synonym or synonyms for every keyword is also helpful. It means that in writing your summary you can discuss a main point or points by using not only the key word but also or instead of a synonym for this keyboard.

It is important to understand that brevity is the soul of wit. The number of words in your summary should be as few as possible bearing in mind that you need to give a synopsis of what has gone before. Three paragraphs should be the outer limit of your writing. Anyone reading your research paper summary should feel that it is the completion of a project. Everything they have read before the summary should be interesting but it is the summary itself which rounds off the finished product.

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