Term Paper Ideas: Outline before Writing

When it comes to writing term papers, outlines are an important thing to know how to write. Not only are outlines a perfect way to plan for the whole paper even before starting to write, but it also enables one to systematically categorize their thoughts in a manner that flows well so that the writing process doesn’t become all jumbled up without order. Students are therefore advised to write their ideas and how they will follow each other down and in doing so, will have come up with the basic structure to follow when carrying out the research or even the actual writing.

An outline can also enable one to carry out research and consequently writing the specific desired paper very efficient and professional as it makes it possible to picture ideas through seeing the bigger picture and can thus be said to give the writer a general overview of the work even before actually writing.

While some professors prefer students to present outlines in sentence form, many prefer outlines presented in chronological order. There is an importance however of ensuring that the instructions given by such a professor are followed to the later as not doing it right could cost one dearly.

A standard outline usually includes:

  • The Title of the paper
  • The Thesis Statement
  • The Major points usually numbered using roman numerals
  • The supporting ides for all your Major Points as specified above
  • The Introduction
  • The conclusion

In creating this kind of an outline the following are the things to do:

  • Determining the purpose of your paper is the first step.
  • This means you will need to be aware of the principle idea of your paper.

  • Determining the audience that you are writing for is the second step.
  • Knowing your target audience is important as it enables you to only include material that communicates well with the selected audience.

  • Developing the thesis of your paper is the final step.
  • The next step is that of brainstorming. Brainstorming enables you to come up with all possible ideas that you would want to appear in your paper. After this, organizing is the next step. Organizing is the action of grouping all the related ideas together. Immediately after organizing, what follows is ordering which means arranging of the work in an orderly way, from the unknown abstract to the known concrete. Lastly comes labeling. This majorly involves creating main headings and sub headings.

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