10 Good Term Paper Topics

Choosing a good term paper topic can make a big impact in the quality of the overall assignment. Good topic ideas include argumentative and controversial subjects that leave lasting impressions on those who support or are against the subject manner. Such topics, like freedom of speech, are often trending in national and global news, present unique concerns and may pose a challenge in finding the best solution to solve related problems.

  1. Abortion. As a general subject that includes a number of issues, there are different angles and perspectives that continue to raise concerns and arguments.
  2. Capital punishment and the death penalty. This is often an argument for those who believe the punishment should fit the crime. In some cases, it is worth exploring how certain countries carryout punishment for different crimes committed.
  3. Abuse of women. In some countries, women are still being treated unfairly for different reasons. Term papers may explore ways for women to exercise their rights or review lacking resources to help women overcome abuse.
  4. Unethical business practices of corporate companies. Some companies have been successful in raising millions of dollars in annual revenue, yet some are not practicing good ethics. What are they and what should be done about it?
  5. Education concerns among students and/or parents. This may include topics such as bullying, teen pregnancy school safety improvements and more.
  6. Animal rights. Animal activists present respectable arguments regarding the use of animals in testing. Should animals even be used at all?
  7. Medical research developments. Cancer, AIDS and other diseases have had years of research in helping find a cure, but why is it taking so long? Why have so many people died waiting and do you think a cure will ever be found?
  8. Gun control. Many people feel you should have the right to protect yourself, but where do international governments stand on the issue? Should consumers be able to protect themselves and under what circumstances? Do we need guns at all and at what age should you be able to purchase a firearm?
  9. Environmental preservation issues and/or ways to save the earth. Why are some people against recycling? Do green energy alternatives really save money?
  10. Religion. Does God really exist and if there is no God, how did people and the earth get created to begin with? Why are their different religious beliefs? Is one belief better than the other?
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