Term paper hints: writing a results section

There are many different layouts to term papers. It depends on the person who has produced the assignment, and the needs and desires of the author. Some term papers are written with different ideas and sections in order to produce the correct style term paper. The term paper writing hints depend on the necessary style of the paper.

Research papers generally include:

  • Title Page
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Works Cited

One of the sections that are used is a results section. The results section is the place in the paper where the information is aggregated and is presented to the reader. The results section takes all of the information and research that has presented and puts it together to present the results of the information. Many people will do their own research and experiments in order to prove the points of their term paper. This research is presented throughout the paper, and the experiment and process will be presented to the reader. This will include all of the steps of the experiment, which is often called the methods section. The methods section is usually very specific in order for the reader to understand how the experiment was produced and to make it replicable for people who want to try to do the experiment themselves and determine their own results.

The results section should include the research and how the research and experiment actually turned out. The experiment should have had an outcome that either supports or rejects the thesis statement. If the results support the thesis statement, then the thesis statement has been proven true and can be supported. If the experiment does not support the thesis statement, then this should be explained in the paper. The paper should explain why the experiment does or does not support the thesis.

It is important to include the results section in the term paper because this is the area in which the outcomes can be explained. The paper is used to prove a point or a thesis statement. The results section is the area in which the total results can be given.

The results section is usually located towards the end of the paper, before the conclusion. The results section will state the results, and then following sections will explain the implications of the results and what they mean in terms of the thesis and hypothesis. The conclusion then wraps up the paper and closes out the ideas of the paper and thesis statement.

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