5 vital term paper prewriting tips

The first thing to understand is the meaning of the word prewriting. This is the action you take before you start to write your first draft. And the rule is very simple. The more work you do on your prewriting and the greater the quality of this pre-writing work, the easier it is to write your first draft and more likely it is to be a high-quality term paper. So, take prewriting seriously and reap the rewards.

Here are five vital term paper prewriting tips.

  • choice of topic
  • brainstorming
  • quality research
  • quality note taking
  • quality plan

The choice of topic is vital. If you select something in which you already have a background or in which you have an interest or better still a passion, then that could be the ideal term paper topic. Perhaps your teacher or tutor will assign you a topic and therefore remove the choice but if this is not the case, choose the topic wisely.

Once the topic has been selected you move to brainstorming. Here you write down any word or words you can think of which are in any way related to the topic. Don't think about their relevance or their spelling - simply write. This is one writing activity where you may well have redundant material. That’s not a problem. What is a problem is if you leave out anything you have thought about.

From the list of relevant words you gather from your brainstorming session, you begin your research. Here we find that the better your research, the better your term paper. But tied in with finding the relevant resources for your research is your ability to take quality notes. If you have developed your own form of shorthand by all means use that but otherwise make sure your handwriting is clear and legible. There is nothing worse than trying to figure out what you actually mean in your notes because of sloppy handwriting. Then there is the storage of your notes. Devise a simple system whereby your notes are safe, easy to find and easy to understand. Remember your notes are the bricks with which you build your term paper.

Then we come to the final tip which is the construction of a quality plan. This is your outline of your term paper. The more detail to the plan, the easier it is for you to write your first draft.

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