Writing An Academic Research Paper: Structuring

If you want to get a good grade on your next academic research paper then you should follow this advice. “Structure is everything!” How you lay out your paper will make all of the difference between getting an A grade evaluation and flunking.

The best way to structure your research paper is by following the popular research paper outline that look like this:

  1. Introduction of The Problem
  2. Hypothesis
  3. Research Methods Used
  4. Procedure
  5. Description of Findings/ Thoughts and Observations
  6. Conclusion

Why It is Important To Properly Structure Your Research Paper

The reason why it is important to structure your research paper following this outline should be obvious. Basically, all academic research papers follow this same basic structure so that they are easy to understand by members of the academic community. Scholars, recognize the formal research paper essay structure as the proper way to compose and prepare research information. By sticking to this format not only will your likely get a better grade, you will also learn how to properly prepare all of the research that you do throughout your academic career.

Working From An Outline Saves You Time

Another upside to following this same structure for all of your research papers is that it saves you time. Using this outline as a template as you work while you do your research will allow you to organize your ideas and categorize your findings before you even begin to write. What this means is that when the time comes to compose your research document all of the ideas and main points that you need are already organized within your outline. All you will have left to do is put them into full sentences.

Research paper writing can be daunting, so any strategies to make the writing process a bit easier can come in handy. If you wish to get better grades on your research papers then stick to the research paper structure that we have demonstrated above. Your instructors will admire that you have properly organized your assignment, and that it is easy to understand and read. Chances are you’ll get a better grade when you write your paper this way and your overall GPA may even improve!

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