Research Paper Tutorial: be thorough

Doing academic research can sometimes be great, while other times it can feel like a constant struggle. However, it is something you absolutely have to go through if you want to obtain a diploma (be it a Bachelor’s diploma, a Master’s or even a PhD). By the end of finishing the paper, you will discover how great doing this kind of academic research can be, especially if it is on a topic you are actually interested in.

Choosing the Topic

Regardless of the type of research paper you have to do, be it a simple essay or an entire dissertation paper, you should know the fact that the success of it lies in the details. Thus, start with a good topic. If you can, choose something that interests you at least a bit. Try to be original, but make sure that the topic is relevant for the coursework. Even more, try to ask yourself whether or not you will have enough research done by other people available on a particular subject. Certain topics can be absolutely fascinating, but the truth is that there may be no grounds for you to work on (for example, you may be interested in Alien Agriculture, but there is absolutely nothing written on this – except, perhaps, SF literature).

Set a Goal

One of the most difficult parts with writing a research paper is being actually thorough about it. A lot of people write their papers one or two days before the deadlines, but the truth is that this is not as advantageous as it may appear. Sure, watching another episode of your TV Show sounds like a good idea, but in the end you will realize that papers written “the night before” are not nearly as good as those which are thoroughly planned. Even more, do take into consideration the fact that this kind of “fast food research” will not benefit you either. In the end, you are supposed to learn something out of your research, but if you cram all the information in your head the night before the deadline, there is a high chance that you will forget about it completely over the course of the next day.

Thus, the best way to go around this is to set a realistic goal and to make a schedule to which you can actually stick to. For instance, tell yourself to read one or two books/week and to write at least 5 pages of draft content. This will give you enough time to do everything else you want and to finish your paper successfully as well.

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