How to Write Your Research Paper by the Deadline

Writing a research paper can be a pretty stressful thing, especially if you’re a typical college student with about a hundred other things going on at the same time. If college life is a little bit like a roller coaster, then paper submission deadlines are like the dip that occurs after a rise, dropping your stomach down to your shoes, making you feel like your life is hurtling towards certain doom.

But things don’t have to be as bad as that. Here are some tips that will help you determine how much work to do so you’ll have that paper done before the deadline:

  • Break it up into chunks – My mother used to say a little bit of planning goes a long way. Before you start any project, be it a research paper or anything else, spend a little bit of time working out how to go about it. With the research paper, breaking up the required research into chunks, and assigning smaller deadlines to them will help make sure you know what you’re doing and you’re not stuck with a big pile before D-day.
  • Concentrate – party time is for partying, but when you’re supposed to be working, focus on the work only. If you’re letting too many things interrupt your study time, then you’re not being fair to yourself or your work. Make sure all distractions are eliminated when you’re studying.
  • Get a friend to help – while it may not be good to ask someone else to write your research paper entirely for you, there’s nothing wrong with hitting the books together. Get a friend to help with the research bit, or help you sort out references, or for a final proofread. Give generously in return as well – favors asked for need to be returned. If nothing else, a friend will help you stay focused while working. If you find yourself talking more to them than concentrating, pick a different friend to work with.
  • Hire help – not everyone is okay with it, but online research paper writing companies do exist, as well as editing companies, and they can considerably lessen your workload. If worst comes to worst, you can rely on one of these to get the paper done in time.

So basically, tighten your belt, put on that studying cap and get a large coffee cup, because the deadline is coming and your research paper needs to be submitted. It’s only a matter of being organized.

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