Finding Good Physics Research Paper Topics

Writing a good physics research paper is very much dependant on the topic. A topic can make or break your paper. It’s pointless re-hashing previously written papers or trying to cover topics that are completely unsolvable, but it’s just as important not to choose too basic a topic which will ooze evidence that you are afraid to step out. You don’t want your reader to think you lack confidence or that you’re scared to try something new. Who knows, if you take a chance and spend a little extra time, you may surprise yourself.

Where to start?

Look for an interesting or rare idea; something that will catch your reader’s attention and stand out from the rest. However, if you’re starting off and need to play it safe at first, the best place to start is to review the things you already know. Look around you, spend some time noticing your surroundings and allow your mind to dwell on the questions you’ve often found yourself day-dreaming about. If you’re still at a loss, think about that one thing you really enjoyed and understood from your physics course. Write about that.

Prove or inform?

What is the purpose of your paper? Do you want to prove something or simply relay facts to your audience? Consider that if you choose to ‘prove’ something, you will need to carry out practical research and explain the results in detail. Although risky, this can be a very exciting way to write your paper, especially if you are able to prove something new or possibly dis-prove an already tested scientific result. Therefore, topic-wise you are open to many options.

If you decide to simply inform your audience about a particular topic, you will need to make it interesting enough by doing enough research to ensure all angles have been covered. Always remember to quote your sources.

Mix it up

Have you ever considered writing a biography on a physics scientist who’s well known and exploring how he or she proved something completely different to what they initially set out to establish? Mix it up a little and consider a physics fact against a scientist that did something completely different to that fact. Is it possible you’ll discover a link?

Don’t settle on the first topic that comes to mind. Even if you do more research and come back to the same point, you will feel more confident about the topic you choose when you return.

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