Educational Plan

Sample Classroom Routine

  1. Beginning of the day:
    • Enter the Classroom
    • Take Off Outerwear Such As Coat Or Sweater
    • hang up outerwear on assigned peg in closet
  2. End of the day:
    • put away supplies in backpack
    • retrieve coat from closet
    • line up at the door of classroom to go outside, leaving school
  3. Transition between Activities:
    • Clear off Desk of Materials
    • Stand up, Bend and Stretch
    • Use Rest Room If Necessary with Permission
  4. Distribution of Materials:
    • Choose One Student for Each Day to Help Pass out Items
    • Have Student Pass the Items up to the Front of the Row When Activity Is Finished
    • Collect Piles of Material from Each Row
  5. Field Trip:
    • Describe For Students Destination of Trip and Purpose
    • Pass out Permission Slips for Parents to Sign
    • Prior to Trip, Contact Class Parents to Act As Chaperones
  6. Recess:
    • Have Students Retrieve Sweaters or Outerwear from Closet
    • Had Students Form Line to Go Outside
    • Supervise Students to Ensure Safe Play and Good Sportsmanship
  7. Fire Drill:
    • Familiarize Students with Sound of Alarm or Noise That Indicates Need to Act Quickly
    • Have Students Line up Row by Row, As Quickly As Possible
    • Take Place at Head of Line, Having Students Follow You Outside To a Predesignated Area To Wait until It's Safe to Reenter the Building.
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