Writing the Body of your Research Paper

Research paper includes different research made on any specific topic. Research paper can be compiled in several different ways but follow such format and pattern that is well acceptable by the reader. Make your paper more supportive by its evidence.

  • First select your topic in which you are going to have a research and thesis in future. Now create a link between your ideas in the form of sentences and paragraphs. By joining sentences and paragraphs, body of a research paper is formed.
  • The body of the research paper is the place where you disclose your evidence about your thesis work. This will support your thesis in a better way. So be careful while writing the body of research paper.
  • The body paragraph must be written after the introductory paragraph.
  • Before writing down, gather all the information about it. It may be pictures, facts or figures depending upon the type of research.
  • The format of the body paragraph should be in a regular and well defined pattern. It should have a specific format.
  • The body is divided into different paragraphs. These paragraphs should be linked with each other.
  • One paragraph should contain one main idea only about the research. This will make it easy to understand by the reader.
  • Gather your information from different resources. These resources could be library, computer or internet surfing.
  • If the gathered information is from different resources, it is said to be common knowledge.
  • The body contains main ideas about your research paper. Go through your research paper to find own the most vivid and important points and write down in the body of the paper.
  • Include various points, examples and quotations in order to make your research more attractive to read.
  • Include specific evidence and analysis in order to support your research. The evidence will provide deeper level of details about the research.
  • Write down essay in the form of points in the body.
  • Evaluation of your research, explaining it, deeply analyzing it in the body and summarizing it will create a good impact on the reader.

These are all the important steps you need to do in order to write a body of a research paper. A student needs to be very attentive while attempting such a paper and keep his tone informative. Research papers should not contain irrelevant details that can distract the reader.

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