How to Write an Interesting Term Paper in 5 Hours

Some believe this isn’t possible, but with planning and keeping a few important details in mind, you may be able to complete a term paper worth turning in for review within hours. In many cases, it depends on guidelines and expectations of your instructor. If you have certain elements completed such as topic selection and outline creation, you may already have the upper hand in getting your term paper completed quickly and efficiently. The following suggestions may help develop the foundation you need to complete your paper in a timely manner.

  • Know how much time you have to complete your paper. This may sound practical enough, but knowing the exact amount of time may help you plan how much time to spend on each area of your assignment. Meaning, it may be helpful to allot a certain amount of time for each area of your term paper.
  • Develop a good thesis statement but don’t spend too much time on it. Sometimes spending too much time in creating your main point may make the writing process more stressful. To get some ideas, seek sample thesis statements online to focus your attention. Brainstorm if needed but keep the session brief. This helps in creating a solid main point that grabs the attention of the reader.
  • Follow your outline and begin plugging in content from your research. If you have yet to complete your research, you’ll need to get a few reputable sources in mind to gather your data from. Your outline will also help you decide what data to include and help you organize it quickly. The outline may be constructed based on assignment guidelines presented by your instructor.
  • Give yourself a good amount of time to write. Use short sentences to create your paragraphs. Make sure data you include is strong evidence that supports your thesis or main point. Think about what potential critics may say about your topic. This can help form constructive arguments in a reduced amount of time while summarizing main points at the end.
  • Make time to revise, proofread and edit your content. This can play a big role in what final grade you receive on the assignment. If you feel certain areas don’t provide enough evidence to support your thesis, you may want to reword or eliminate the paragraph.
  • Take time to breath and relax when you feel stressed. Taking a break from writing may help clear thoughts to help you write more efficiently.
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