Organizing research paper writing process

Research paper writing demands a level of competency in managing the writing process including organizing the information so that it provides a flowing trajectory. This is normally astute in providing a cream of the crop information hub that is impeccable in both style and information capacity. The organizational modes that are to be taken up in the build up to writing a research paper include;

  • Research process
  • The research process entails the source of information that is supposed to be adopted. In organizing the research process, a writer is supposed to identify the sources of information that will be taken up and how each will be utilized. The academic databases form one of the information sources that can be utilized in this setting.

  • Analysis phase
  • The analysis phase includes the process of defining the claims that have been made before and identifying how the same impact the overall research plan that has been adopted. The analysis phase also constitutes the scrutiny process where all the credible information is set aside and given a platform for presentation.

  • Thesis writing
  • The thesis writing process involves the taking up of a brilliant idea from the pool of ideas on the research topic and creating an assertion from it. This normally gives the readers a chance to trigger the thought process and invoke the mind in the reasoning program. The thesis is a statement that gives the reader an insight as to what to expect and the general aim of the research paper.

  • Outline
  • After defining the thesis, the outline of the paper has to be determined. The outline gives the scheduling of all information and also establishes how each piece of information will fit into the jigsaw of the paper. The outline thus defines how the paper will appear.

  • Introduction
  • The introduction of the research paper normally requires a statement of intent that will provide a power punch to the reader. This is often in a bid to make sure that the reader develops an interest and identifies the factors in play in the whole process of research writing.

  • Body and Paragraph style
  • The body is the one that captures every specific point that has been developed from the research process. The body also takes the argument base and delivers the facts that have been identified in the same wavelength.

  • Conclusion
  • The conclusion covers the whole argument and gives the reader a chance to recoup the facts at hand and identify what the same facts stand for in the argument set up.

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