Generating Ideas For Personal Statement Writing

It is never easy to talk about yourself, or write on a piece of paper about who you are or what motivates you. There are some people who are pompous, and have no problems extolling their virtues for the entire world to hear and bow down at their feet in admiration. That is not the vast majority of us, especially when we are in high school. Most of your high school essays were about academic subjects, topics that dealt with material you covered in class. It was easy for you to review the information and write abut the things you learned or studied in your classroom. However, when you are getting ready to apply to colleges, you find out they want you to create and write a personal statement as part of the application process. You can gather your official transcript, make a list of organizations you belong to, and volunteer work you have completed, and you can answer any direct question the application presents to you, but making a personal statement is a concept that may be difficult to comprehend for a teenager.

A statement about you

You are an individual. You have many talents and skills which you can offer any educational community which you participate in as a student. You are so much more than a recitation of grades, courses, and clubs. The personal statement is your chance to make your case for being admitted to the college. Every year, a college admission officer must review thousands of applications from qualified high school students seeking admission to their college. The decision comes down to minor differences between students, and that difference can be seen in the personal statement written by the student. That is why this is crucial for all applicants.

Ideas for your statement

If you are presented with a set of specific questions, your statement should always answer the questions. The goal is to be unique when writing the answers, providing some different context, or substantive thoughts about the answer to the questions. If you are given carte blanche on the topic, be creative. You can make a list of attributes you believe make you a great candidate for the college. You can list your character traits, values, and what has molded you to become the person you are as you u approach graduation from highs school. You can write about why you feel you would be a success at college, or what in your past has prepared you for the upcoming challenges. These can all be included in a personal statement.

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