What are the Risks Connected with Online Sample Research Papers?

Everyone likes to work less and play more, but lets be honest when it comes to your academic career in College and University, this is the kind of attitude that can get you into a lot of trouble. When you are enrolled in an academic institution, it is your responsibility to get your projects done on time, and the reason that instructors often limit you to short deadlines and due dates is to prepare students for their future careers.

However, anyone who has ever been a student at one point understands that working under these strict deadlines can be extremely stressful. Many individuals are prone to procrastination because they simply cannot cope properly. Unfortunately, this leads to another frightening reality students are dropping out and flunking at continuously rising rates. Upon last report, 45% of freshmen do not graduate. This is a fairly dramatic statistic if you look at the enrollment numbers in last ten years.

Students, who stay in school, also are under pressure to deliver original writing assignments week after week. This can be difficult for anyone who is not a creative writer and has many other work and extra curricular commitments. It is becoming frighteningly common for students to simply copy and paste online writing samples and submit those as their own research for grading. This trend of plagiarism continues to grow- while desperate students become more desperate to get a passing grade.

How To Use Writing Samples Correctly

Almost every single academic institution has a zero-tolerance plagiarism policy, but despite this students are still willing to risk expulsion on the small chance that they won’t get caught copying samples.

An anonymous source said “I copied samples all throughout my academic career and I never got caught, you need to know how to be smart about it.”

One can only hope that this student was referring to the process of re-writing sample papers in his or her own words. Which, although is still the incorrect way to approach assignments, is the only way that a student could possibly get through to graduation without getting caught and charged with plagiarism.

If you are paying for your own expensive tuition I wouldn’t even try this. Instead students should discipline themselves, try to be more organized and focus on getting through their assignments one step at a time, just like in the good old days before we had access to an unlimited amount of sample research papers online.

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