Research Paper Tutorial: Vary Your Sentence Structure

Sentence structure has always been the trickiest part to almost every paper. Should I put this sentence here? Should I put this sentence there? Is this actually a good sentence? The list of questions about sentence structure goes on and on, especially when you’re in doing a research paper because the wrong type of sentence placed somewhere can throw off parts of your paper that you may have felt very strongly about. Sentence structure is simple. You just have to focus on your grammar, punctuation, and spelling and the rest will fall into place. Now, when it comes to research papers it’s best that you set aside a specific amount of time so that you can focus on the way you write the paper as much as the time you spent researching the paper.

What should I do first?

Well, since it’s a research paper you’re going to want to gather the information and read it a few times before setting out to write anything. Once you’ve gathered your information, take away what you want from what you gathered and begin to write about each piece by piece in your outline. Read over your outline and envision exactly what you’re going to write throughout your actual research paper and how. What are some words or transitions you intend to use to get your points and observations across to your reader? Once you’ve figured these things out you’re ready to move on to your research paper.

What do you mean by sentence structure?

There are simple sentences, compound sentences, and complex sentences, each are considered as a form of sentence structure.

Here is an example for each one:

  • Simple Sentence – “Albert likes it to rain at nights.”
  • Compound Sentence – “Albert liked the rain all night, and Daisy liked the sun all day.”
  • Complex Sentence – “After the weather turned, Albert and Daisy argued because they wanted to.”

Each of those sentences are structured in a certain way, but each sentence was structured to get straight to the point for the reader to understand what’s exactly going on. This type of structure should be used variously throughout your research paper so that your reader understands your points more precisely but also sees that there’s a bit of variety throughout each of your paragraphs. Create sentences that pop and get the information across without being misunderstood.

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