Main Qualities Of A Good Academic Research Paper

There are many different elements which make an academic research paper great. Here are five that can contribute to a paper that would be considered well written:

  1. A great thesis statement
  2. One of the most important elements of a good academic research paper is a great thesis statement. The thesis statement sets the entire tone for the paper, and influences the way in which it is researched and structured. A thesis statement that is neither too broad nor too narrow gives the author of the paper a clear, defined focus that will translate well to the reader and direct their research accordingly.

  3. Strong supporting ideas
  4. A great research paper’s thesis is nothing if the author is unable to support it adequately. The paper should contain support for the thesis that are logical and cited from good sources that the reader will find to be credible. Each supporting idea should help to bolster the thesis statement and ensure that the reader considers the author’s position to be a strong one.

  5. Good organization
  6. Even the best supporting ideas can seem weak or not founded when the paper is disorganized. A reader must have the opportunity to follow the thought processes of the author in such a way that they find their ideas to be logical and well connected. As a result, organizing one’s ideas neatly is an important quality in any academic research paper.

  7. Strong writing
  8. The author’s choice of vocabulary, their use of sentence structure, and the overall flow of the paper should be strong for the paper to be considered a good academic piece. Strong, clear writing lend credence to the author’s ideas, just as speaking confidently and clearly add credence to spoken words. The author should be conscientious of presenting their ideas precisely and in an engaging manner if they want the reader to consider them with any seriousness.

  9. Thoroughly proofread
  10. Although it may seem minor, the spelling and grammar of an academic paper are also of great importance. Sloppy proofreading can severely undermine the work that an author puts into a paper; a reader is likely to discount the opinions presented in a paper that is peppered with misspellings and other mistakes. Mistake-free writing is the mark of a serious academic, and the reader should consider the author to be one if they are to give weight to their words.

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