A List Of 10 Page Research Paper Topics To Be Covered Adequately

Have you been tasked with writing a research paper topic? Perhaps you were given a topic on which to write or you were just asked to find one on your own that you can relate to the course material. In either case it can be difficult to cover a topic adequately and to ensure that the topic you picked is adequate. Thankfully you can turn to these topics for help.

Don’t write a research paper if you are not skilled enough to do it. How to make sure you are skilled enough? Write a good outline and follow these steps:

Choose a topic that will challenge you. Choose a topic that you are interested in. Choose a topic that is not going to be boring. Once you have chosen a broad topic try and narrow it down so that it is more specific. There is no larger problem when choosing a topic and writing a research paper then choosing a very broad topic and then going all over the place with your supporting information.

Use your critical thinking skills. It is important to remember that the vast majority of your paper is going to be used in support of your initial topic. This means that the entire 2/3rds of your paper between the introduction and the conclusion is going to be supporting research. If you are writing a dissertation for English, why not try some of these topics:

  • What impact did Jane Eyre have on the literary industry when it was released?
  • How did Frankenstein affect the horror genre at the time of its release?
  • What symbolism is in the works of Nietzsche?
  • Why is it important for students to learn a second language?
  • How does advertising play a role in consumerism?
  • How does blogging displace traditional news outlets?
  • How has texting affected the use of email as a communication tool?
  • How do current vampire novels affect the psyche’s of adolescent girls?

Use these examples as inspiration for something that you come up with. Read over them and do a free write to see what your mind comes up with. Maybe they will inspire something that is near and dear to your heart. Maybe they are the perfect example for you to cover and you can just begin research now. Either way get researching and writing!

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