Analytical research paper writing prompts

Many writers will argue that all writing is argumentative, which means that every piece of writing needs to have a thesis and proof to support it. If you have been tasked with writing an analytical paper, you will need a solid topic that you will be able to successfully support. When students write an analytical research paper, they need to present their opinion on a problem, but they need to do it by including facts.

Possible Topics that Allow for Highly Focused Papers

When students analyze a topic, they need to show the smaller aspects so their audience can understand why the students think they way they do. These are a few topic ideas for analytical research papers:

  • Should advertisements be marked if the people are photoshopped?
  • Should college athletes be allowed to sell their own autographs and photographs?
  • Should college athletes be paid to play?
  • Should schools be involved in catching cyberbullies?
  • Is feminism still relevant today?
  • Should recent high school graduates take a “gap year”?
  • Are children who attend daycare centers more socialized that children who stay home with a parent?
  • Is No Child Left Behind working?
  • Should obese people pay more for health care and health care insurance?
  • Should Americans be forced to take vacation time?
  • When should children be allowed to use computer?
  • What policies should schools have regarding the use of cellphones?
  • When are traditions no longer serving their purposes?
  • Are public schools still doing their job of educating students?

It is important to choose a topic that you can live with because you will spend a lot of time working on the subject. You should choose a topic that you feel passionate about so that you are able to really support your opinion. If you do not care about the subject, you will not write as well.

Challenge Yourself by Choosing a Not-so-popular Side

If you find that the topic you have chosen is too easy to support and you cannot find anything new to say, you might consider taking a very different opinion on the topic. If you were going to write about whether or not Americans should be forced to take more vacation time, you might take the side that they should not be forced, because it would be the least popular side. There is so much research on how vacation time actually helps people perform better at work, so you would create a more challenging research paper by proving the opposite.

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