Research paper writing guide: how to interpret your evidence

The data you gather behind your topic or thesis is considered evidence. This provides proof for your argument or main idea. This may lead to a solution or help solve a problem. This information is important because it provides credibility and unique vision of the writer on how the conclusion came about. The following points can help you understand further how to interpret your content.

Define purpose behind main idea. When you think about your main idea you should think about your audience and what you want them to know about it. Think about other possible angles they may interpret your content and consider information necessary to include in your paper that will help them stay on track with your proposed purposed.

Understanding important points that back up your main idea. Your main idea should have a good amount of evidence to support it. If it is an argument you need points that will back up your claim. If you are asking a question your points should lead to a potential solution. Consider presenting points that will help your audience think deeper about your main idea and your conclusion (or end results).

Use good sources that will help you define your ideas. Take time to find good sources for your research paper. You may consider sources your audience is familiar with to help increase credibility for your work. Think outside of the box and use other sources besides traditional ones such as library reference books. Try to get opinions from professionals related to your topic or gather interesting details that would make a good chart, graph, or visual aid.

Read over points you intend to use and revise. When you write your rough draft, think about how your audience will read your paper. Think about logic organization of material. What details do you want to appear in the introduction? Think about information that will appear first and what data will help engage readers to keep reading. Once you have a basic idea of what to include, go back over your content and revise it so it reads clearly. Make sure you are able to define main idea; otherwise redefine it. Some students may end up writing other parts of their research paper first. It may be easier to do so when you know what details you want to mention in other areas of your project. This can help you thoroughly define your main idea.

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