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In a simple and understandable language, a term paper is a research based paper usually written by students and contains the academic content covered over a period of time, usually a term. It accounts for the largest portion of the overall grade in that particular unit or subject. It forms basis for discussion over a certain topic in detailed way. The content length will greatly depend on the topic forming the discussion and the efforts employed in the actual research. This paper carries much of class work content and can help one do a quick revision while waiting for an examination.

How can one benefit from a term paper?

A student will always benefit from a term paper in a number of ways. These include:

  • Acts as a source of revision in an examination situation because it covers much of the content taught in class and even more which is necessary for proper understanding and digestion of concepts.
  • Can be used as a reference material for a point not well elaborated during the actual learning period.
  • The research initiated from such content when writing such a paper can enable one come up with new ideas for project purposes.
  • A term paper accounts for greatest part of the total grade for that unit and since it’s an open research paper and the students will have plenty of time to carry out an adequate research and therefore chances of failing such a paper are greatly reduced.
  • One also gets a chance to expand his/her thoughts about a certain topic and this has the impact of opening one’s mind further.
  • While writing a term paper, it opens a platform for one to catch a wider view of what was taught over the term.

However, a term paper should not be confused for the class work notes because it covers a certain topic and one can end up doing a partial revision if solely depending on a term paper for examination preparation. It’s also not useful to one if she/he just copies from an existing source without conceptualizing on the actual content. One should therefore look at it as a source of information for solving future problems as far as academics are concerned but not like any other assignment that earns you marks for better grades. A good term paper should be easily understandable and detailed at the same time.

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