How To Write A Thesis For A Research Paper: Effective Techniques For You To Use

Writing your research paper thesis can be a daunting task, but there are a few simple tricks to help you on the way. Here are some tips to keep in mind that will make the process that little bit easier.


Having a plan is the most important part of any good thesis. Without a plan, you’ll end up lost in academic limbo, struggling to finish. When writer’s block kicks in, you simply have to go back to your plan and move on to the next idea, come back to the hard part later on.

Be Interesting, Be Interested

You don’t want to spend six months working on something you hate, only to create something everybody else hates. Choose a thesis that empowers you, that you’re passionate about. That drive to see it completed will not only stand to you, but the finished product will be a thousand times more enjoyable to read, and grade.

Be Different

Don’t do the same stuff everyone else is doing. Try to be edgy, or find a niche, or approach a question differently, or come up with a new answer. Whatever your slant, make sure you have one. Don’t just drone on and regurgitate every one else’s opinions. Make some for yourself.

Be Bold

Don’t be afraid of yourself. If you lack the conviction, you’re going to struggle. By choosing something you’re keen on, and planning it out to the max, you’ll know you have the capability to complete your thesis. And then it’s just a matter of pumping out the words.

Set Goals, Take Breaks

Have a word count that you have to hit each day. It might be as small as five hundred words, or it might be to read half a book, or five articles. Whatever it is, write it down, and when you hit it reward yourself with something enjoyable and completely outside of your work-zone. Don’t forget to take a break every now and then. All work and no play makes for a dull thesis. You’ll suffer burnout and it’ll show up in your writing.

Write First, Edit Later

Don’t even think about going over your work until you have that first draft out the way. The worst thing you can do is to second-guess every chapter. Just write it all down, and then separate the wheat from the chaff.

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