Outline For A Research Paper

For anyone tackling a research paper there is no argument about whether or not you should have an outline for a research paper. The discussion centres solely on how well you will write the outline. Why? Well there are number of reasons and certainly a number of benefits by spending time creating a detailed outline for a research paper.

  • you get a clear overview of the work
  • you can easily create a timetable
  • you can build momentum
  • you can avoid straying from the topic
  • you can save yourself time and stress

The beauty of an outline for your research paper is that it can be constructed on a single piece of paper. With one simple glance you can see not only the structure of your research paper but its contents. Rather than stare at a blank piece of paper and wonder what to write next, you can see what to write next via your outline. It has the basic headings and sub-headings with main points all primed to prompt you to write the details. And you know what you have written already as the work progresses. The outline means you are the boss of the project. Without an outline the project controls you. Think of your outline as your partner. It can work for you or against you. Make your outline your friend.

Because of a detailed outline for a research paper you are able to create a timetable and thus keep tabs on your progress. On your outline you can list the dates when each particular section needs to be completed. So your outline is your diary. Again you are controlling the situation. You are in charge. You know how much time there is left before the research paper needs to be submitted and at a glance you can tell how much work still needs to be done.

Get that momentum firing

Building momentum in writing your research paper is important. There are some students who get bogged down. They feel they are not making progress. Because you have a detailed outline, you are able to work through the various stages of your outline and thus build momentum. It will be a case of one stage down and the next one to come. As each stage is completed the snowball effect kicks in. You are building momentum, gaining confidence and working to your maximum.

Straying from the topic is a huge no-no when writing a research paper. You have a topic and you have a thesis statement and whatever else you do you must stay on course. With a detailed outline beside you, you are able to avoid writing irrelevant and unnecessary material. You don't go wandering off course. How many students fritter away valuable time by writing irrelevant material then have to cut the lot and go back to square one? Many students fall into this trap and all because they don’t have a detailed and well-made outline or plan.

Arguably the best benefit of using an outline for a research paper is that it saves you time in the writing project and at the same time relieves or prevents stress. For the person who doesn't prepare well, who leaves things to the last minute, the stress factor kicks in. As a student worried about not getting work done on time or getting it to a certain acceptable standard, the stress multiplies. By using your brilliant outline you avoid these situations and fly free.

Obtaining research paper topics ideas is easy when you have a detailed outline. It is the structure into which go your headings and thus your ideas. You are helping yourself create the best possible research paper.

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