How to write an Analysis Essay in a Few Hours

Okay, well the first thing to do is not to panic. If you only have a few hours in which to write an analysis essay, you will never do it if you get into a panic. You need a plan, a written plan with some simple steps. Using this written plan you work towards your goal. You need to grasp a few important facts before you start.

  • you don't have time to smell the roses
  • you need to get the first draft down as quickly as possible
  • you don't have time to worry

Because you have a deadline of only a few hours, you need to remove distractions. Put yourself in a place where you can work without interruption. If there is a temptation to get up and go for a walk around the block, resist it. You are on a tight schedule.

The actual writing or typing does not have to be correct in the first draft. Just get it down. Once you've finished the first draft, you can go back and correct and polish later.

Worrying about the rapidly approaching deadline will not help. You don't have time to worry; you only have time to work.

So here are some simple steps in order to produce your analytical essay.

  • you have to explore an issue and give an opinion
  • once you know the topic, list what is important
  • find your supporting evidence
  • draw up a plan paragraph by paragraph
  • write your conclusion

It's most important that you understand theme or issue which is at the centre of your essay. You need to know what that topic or issue is. Then you must understand that you are required to give an opinion of the issue.

Make a list of the important points you intend to make in your essay. Under each important point, list the supporting evidence. Such and such was the cause of the conflict and proof of this is the speech made by so-and-so.

The plan you sketch out needs to be broken down into paragraphs. The first paragraph will be your introduction and the final paragraph will be your conclusion. But each of the paragraphs in between the first and the last paragraph needs to have the points you will make in each one. The longer you take about getting the plan right, the easier it will be for you to write the actual essay.

Once the plan is in position, go for it. Write the first draft as quickly as possible. Don't forget the conclusion. This is a summary of all which has gone before. Only then will you have finished the first draft and only then can you go back and correct and polish.

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