Would You Buy A Term Paper As A Writing Sample?

If you need to submit a writing sample as part of an application to a scholarly journal for the position of staff writer, it is not wise to buy a term paper for this purpose because if you are hired and the journal editor decides to publish it, you may not be very knowledgeable of the topic that is discussed in the term paper and soon others will find out. In addition, if you purchased a term paper unknowingly from a company that sells copyrighted material to customers, you face the possibility of being sued and hurting your professional reputation.

It is Better To Prepare Your Own Writing Sample

When you write your own writing sample, you are better able to control the quality of your work and you'll keep your integrity intact. If you need help with writing an original writing sample on a certain topic, meet with your professor or career counselor and you can read some books on this topic. Once you gathered the research, you want to write an outline of the term paper so you can be more organized when you type the research paper.

Can I Use A Term Paper That I Previously Bought?

This may not be the best idea because if your professor put a grade on it, it doesn't make the term paper attractive. However, if you are willing to retype the term paper and send it as a writing sample, it will save you money on buying a new term paper. Keep in mind that it is unprofessional to send the same purchased term paper to multiple employers because not all employers have the same target audience. For example, if you're applying to a magazine that has African-American children as the target audience, you wouldn't send a term paper to this magazine as a sample.

When you buy a term paper to use as a writing sample, you want to verify that the term papers that the professionals write are free of plagiarism and that they are typed in the best way possible. By taking this step you're making sure potential employers are getting an original sample. On the other hand, if you want employers to see the real you through your writing, you should write the sample yourself. Finally, you should go over the samples for errors.

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