What Exactly Is A Dissertation Research Proposal?

Immediately before you begin writing your dissertation abstract you will be asked to submit a research proposal. Essentially this proposal will outline your intended research strategy for your final dissertation thesis. Within your research proposal you will need to include these following things;

  1. Your proposed topic of research
  2. If you are writing a dissertation you are going to need a darn good topic. This topic needs to be backed with solid research.

  3. Your research method
  4. Although you can use books, reports, and documents to compose your dissertation you may also need to do some experiments and interviews to complete the final draft. This is where your request the aid of the University to help you complete your dissertation by explaining your research method.

    For example if you need to do a laboratory experiment, or need access to specific resources in their possession you will have to outline this here so proper accommodations can be made.

  5. Your Hypothesis
  6. Based strictly on what you already know, you need to compose a first draft hypothesis of your findings. What do you hope to conclude from your research/ experiments? What conclusions can be assumed using only your limited knowledge of the topic?

  7. A Reason For Choosing Your Topic
  8. This should go without saying, but your research proposal should include a GOPD REASON why you want to pursue this topic in depth. If your concept is abstract you may have to make an extensive case explaining why you believe this research is relevant.

  9. A Formal Request To Pursue Your Studies
  10. Your research proposal should also include a humble request that the faculty assist you in your studies. Most dissertations require a mentor, so this is a good time to name a member of the faculty (or asked to be assigned one) who can help you throughout the writing process.

How To Approach Your Proposal

The best way to approach your dissertation research proposal is with the same passion and enthusiasm that you intend to put into your final dissertation publication. Try to be persuasive and convincing so that the faculty will feel compelled to back you. Don’t forget that your dissertation will be your final contribution as a student; upon completion you will become an expert in your field of study, try to encompass this concept in your research proposal.

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